Whitegrove Primary

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Art and Design

Every child is an artist.  The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up – Pablo Picasso

The arts matter.  Not only to individual learning but to everyone and everything.  The effects of creativity can be seen all around us, from architecture and advertising to window displays and magazine covers.  We aim to instil a love for art and a curiosity that drives our children to explore their own creativity, then build upon it.

Art can be taught as a specific lesson or alongside others, allowing teachers the flexibility to carefully weave it through all aspects of the curriculum.  We ensure that we provide opportunities, motivation and support for the children’s confidence and skills to grow.

Although there are fundamental skills and techniques that need to be taught as stipulated by the National Curriculum, Art is more importantly a subject which enables our children to explore their creativity without fear of getting it wrong.  They are encouraged to draw inspiration from other artists, both in history and their own classroom, explore different mediums and express themselves through carefully planned lessons.  As they continue to grow and move through Whitegrove, techniques will be revisited to build upon prior knowledge and the children will be taught how to critically think about and discuss art with both their teachers and their peers.


Subject Map - Art and Design