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Uniform and PE Kit

At Whitegrove we have a simple but smart school uniform. As members of the school community, we want our children wear their uniform with pride, so tidy and correct.

Most of our school uniform is available in local shops and supermarkets. Good quality 2nd hand uniform is also available through our WPFA’s 2nd hand uniform Facebook group.

Our school jumper and cardigan (and house PE T-shirt for KS1/KS2 plus EYFS from the summer term) are only available via Price & Buckland’s simple secure online service at www.pbuniform-online.co.uk/whitegrove (they can also supply other items).

Parents should log on to https://www.pbuniform-online.co.uk/whitegrove to register initially. You can choose to have your order delivered to your home address or to school. Delivery to school is free of charge and we will notify you by text message when your order arrives, ready for you to collect from the office. There is a small charge for home delivery to your address.

We usually have samples available in the school office for you to view and for your child to try on to check the sizing however the pandemic prevented us from doing this over the last couple of years. Please watch this space as we review this.

Please ensure that ALL items are named, including lunchboxes (named on the outside please), bottles, scarves, hats, gloves, socks etc.

In addition to our school uniform...

During colder weather, pupils may wear base layers to keep warm, provided they are completely covered by the school uniform (e.g. leggings under long trousers, long-sleeved tops under a school jumper/cardigan) and removed for PE lessons (instead, a PE hoodie and tracksuit bottoms may be worn during outdoor PE to keep warm). Base layers should not be worn beneath shorts.

Some of our children like to wear modesty shorts under dresses (for when they are doing handstands!) but they must not be visible below their dress or skirt.

Long hair

In the interest of hygiene, long hair must be tied back AT ALL TIMES. Hair accessories (e.g. hairbands) are to be PLAIN, SMALL and suited to our uniform.


In the interest of safety, jewellery must be minimal (such as a watch and one pair of plain stud earrings). Earrings must be removed before PE (we cannot cover with plasters) so children need to be able to remove and insert earrings themselves or, for younger children, leave earrings at home on PE days.


The warm, long-sleeved top in the EYFS PE kit could be sweatshirt or fleece instead of the school hoodie, as some EYFS children found that too tricky to get over their heads, even with adult help. If however you already have a hoodie from an older sibling, please feel free to reuse it - there's no need to go to any extra expense.

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