Whitegrove Primary

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At Whitegrove, we use a range of teacher assessment strategies, such as questioning and marking, in every lesson to inform us of your child’s progress and next steps, which we then incorporate into our lesson planning. You will see some of this in your child’s books and in the conversations with your child in the pupil-parent conferences.

At the end of the academic year we will report your child’s achievement against the Age Related Expectations (ARE) for their year group. These ARE have been developed by a group of local authorities in the South East, together with educational consultants, and have been adopted by several Bracknell Forest schools. Teachers from these schools moderate assessments to ensure consistency of expectation for all children. Our teachers will use their on-going assessments and simple tests to build a picture of each child’s learning against the ARE.

Our Age Related Expectations for each year group for reading, writing and mathematics are published below. It is worth spending some time familiarising yourself with these. Please remember that the new National Curriculum has high expectations for every child and that these describe what they should be able to do by the end of the school year. We do not expect all children to be able to do these things from the beginning of the year.

Please be aware that our children must be able to use these skills in a variety of contexts competently, independently and confidently to be ready for their next stage of learning.


Age Related Expectations Year 1

Age Related Expectations Year 2

Age Related Expectations Year 3

Age Related Expectations Year 4

Age Related Expectations Year 5

Age Related Expectations Year 6