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Whitegrove Primary School

High achievement always takes place 
in a framework of high expectation

Charles Kettering - Inventor, Engineer, and Business Leader

What makes a school different? What makes a school right for your child? What makes a school outstanding? The choice and judgement is a difficult and often emotional one, made more confusing by the plethora of advice and opinion available in this multimedia world. At Whitegrove, we know what makes us special for the children we serve; our school offers our children the freedom to learn in a number of effective ways.

Firstly, our curriculum encompasses the National Curriculum, building skills and knowledge as a child progresses through the year groups making learning irresistible. Ambition for every child in our care is high and our children are expected to actively engage and challenge themselves in their own learning and respect the rights of others to learn. Our children, teachers and parents work together to take learning forward and support independent thinking and inspire a lifelong love of learning. Our unique project, field trips and day visit programme is integral to teaching the national curriculum. It offers children the opportunity to put their learning into context and learn about the world outside the classroom.

Whitegrove is a stimulating environment with happy, purposeful young people. 

Secondly, our curriculum supports the needs of our community at Whitegrove by allowing the children the freedom to build the skills for life. Through appropriate programmes of study, whole school curriculum opportunities, extracurricular activities and leadership our children explore their own rights, responsibilities, respect of others and potential. This ensures they have the confidence, resilience, academic skills, organisation and self-awareness to thrive and embrace the demands of an ever-changing modern world.

Whitegrove is a stimulating environment with happy, purposeful young people. Children are relaxed and keen to learn in an atmosphere that is filled with warmth and enthusiasm. They are able to flourish and share experiences across their year group classes, learning to co-operate with our diverse international community and share all our resources. Each year our children take part in over 80 competitive sporting events and over 60 older children take up a role as a young leader, actively participating in school life. Our Year 6 children confidently move on to places at local state schools, grammar schools and the independent sector to continue their next stage in education. These children leave Whitegrove as caring, independent, confident and well-balanced young people who enjoy learning and are more than ready for demands and challenges that await them.

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