Whitegrove Primary

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Physical Education

Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better - Maya Angelou

Learning the importance of physical activity to improve physical and mental health, and learning the skills to help facilitate this, is crucial to living a healthy life. At Whitegrove we aim to give children the knowledge, skills and motivation to ensure they are set up to have a healthy, active lifestyle. Children learn how to: control their bodies in a variety of ways; use different pieces of equipment to help them perform; work well with others in team situations and understand the importance of healthy eating as part of a balanced lifestyle.

At Whitegrove, we have a dedicated PE team who teach all the children from EYFS through to Year 6. This means the children receive a curriculum that is confidently delivered and tailored to develop their skills at the right level for them to make the most of their abilities. Our children are encouraged to concentrate on improving their own skills to the best of their ability - to be their best. PE and all the values it instils is vital to every day life at school.

Curriculum lessons are central to PE development, where every child is given the platform to perform to the best of their ability and improve their physical skills and team work skills using all of the 6 R's. Regular house competitions in different sports provide an opportunity for all children to be involved in intra-school competition. We also have a range of clubs available to children as an opportunity to have further experience of different sports and activities. In addition, we have a full programme of sports training sessions designed to prepare teams for a wide range of inter-school competition within Bracknell Forest and beyond.

Subject Map - PE