Whitegrove Primary

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Religious Education

Differences were meant not to divide but to enrich – Joseph Oldham, Scottish Missionary in India

Whitegrove is a special place; the majority of our pupils having family links across the world, making us a diverse school which celebrates and respects all beliefs. As the UK is becoming an increasingly multicultural society, we have a duty to provide our children with an understanding of other cultures.

 Religious Education contributes to the ethos of the school. It promotes the values of truth, justice and respect for all, and care of the environment. It places emphasis on children respecting themselves and others, the role of the family, the celebration of diversity through understanding similarities and differences. It helps children develop personally and socially and to make reasoned and informed judgements on religious, moral and social issues, preparing them for life in a multi-cultural society. 

 Through videos, artefacts and stories, the children answer big questions and develop their knowledge and understanding of a range of world religions, including Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Sikhism and Islam. The subject challenges the children to: consider, analyse and interpret truth; develop a sense of identity and belonging; identify their place within the local and global community; develop respect and sensitivity to others, in particular those who have beliefs that are different to their own. These are covered under the broader headings of belonging, believing and behaving.

At Whitegrove, we aim for the children to explore different religions and the questions they have within a safe and caring environment. We aim to share the links between the world’s major religions and encourage the children to share their views, ask any questions to clarify their thinking and to develop their respect of their own and others’ beliefs.


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