Whitegrove Primary

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Whole School Events

As a school, we often join together to learn, produce and share work.

We have annual events, including:

  • Diversity week
  • Friendship week
  • Languages whole-school project
  • Road Safety week
  • Anti-bullying week
  • E-safety week

In addition, we take part in certain national initiatives, including:

  • Take One Picture – National Gallery –  learning across the curriculum based around one painting for the whole school
  • Ten Pieces – BBC – an immersive approach based on ten pieces of music

These events provide opportunities to collaborate within and across year groups and give children an audience and purpose for the work they produce. Families and the school community are also invited to attend events celebrating some of our whole school learning.

Links are formed between year groups to share work produced across the curriculum, and classes are also encouraged to share books with 'reading buddies' in other year groups to help promote a love of reading and boost the confidence of many of our children.

A highlight of the school calendar is our annual PE Celebration, during which all children are encouraged to support each other, particularly within their houses.